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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Issue? Birth

1.        The Romney campaign has brought up this criticism.

2.        To be the president of the United States, one of the requirements is that one must be natural-born citizen of the United States.  Being born on US soil is one way to achieve natural-born citizenship.  Obama was born in Hawaii, which some people have yet to figure out is our fiftieth state.  It was a state at the time of his birth (1961) and is still a state a today, making it US soil both in the past and present. He has produced his Birth Certificate and it has already been approved.

3.        In my opinion, this is a weak effort by the Republicans to distract voters from the real issues of the election.  Obama has already served for one term as president; he has obviously passed the basic requirements to hold office.  When this issue first came around it was a major issue for the first week or so, but now four years later it is little more than a nuisance to the voters.
- Sergio

There has been issues brought up with is Obama really an American born citizen and has he really made all of the requirements to become the president.  Obama has claimed that he was born in the US but some people are still skeptical. If Obama was not born in the US, he could not be president.

I believe that Obama is a natural born citizen. However, if he was not, he could not be the president. I think people should stop worrying about Obama’s birth certificate because he has shown enough to prove he is a citizen.
- Paul, Jordan

This is criticism towards Barack Obama by not only Romney and his supporters but by multiple politicians in the U.S. Many think Barack should have to show his birth certificate in order to run for president again. In multiple states, they are trying to pass laws so that all presidential candidates must show their birth certificate that particular state. Critics feel this is an issue because a few believe Obama was not born in the united states. I think it isn't a issue because if he really was not born in U.S. it would have most likely came out in the media by now. On the other hand, I think Obama should just release his certificate to settle this argument once and for all.
- Emily, Dani, Sami

It’s an issue because Romney and others claim that Obama may not be a U.S. born citizen. Perhaps he was born in Kenya and the Kenyan government, have agreed to keep his records closed. The fact that Obama initially refused to release his birth certificate and other records here in the U.S. brought suspicion to many. Romney doesn’t see this point to be that important, but yet he makes small comments and jokes in some of his speeches regarding Obama’s records and birth certificate.

I feel that this issue isn’t important in this election at all. I don't know why Romney would even make comments about Obama's birth certificate in some of his speeches. To me, and I'm sure to many others, it's a dead issue. I guess it's just a way to put Obama down and to get people thinking again. Obviously Obama has showed his birth certificate and he is our president therefore, he’s totally qualified.
- Allison, Kelsie

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