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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Issue? Tax Returns

Obama surrogates uses this as an issue because Romney has not released his tax returns from any year before 2 years ago. Also, when Romney did release his tax returns he only paid 14%, which is less than the average middle class worker. His father released 10 years of tax returns and set a political standard. Romney has millions in his IRA which should not be possible.
I feel this an important issue because my mom pays more taxes than 14% with deductions. So why does Romney who is rich, pay less taxes? Also, since Romney's father released 10 years of tax returns Romney should do the same.
- Savannah

Tax Returns: Critics of Romney has brought this up. Critics of him have been asking to see his tax returns because in his campaign he plans to get rid of loopholes for the wealthy. For weeks he didn’t give them up to the public but when he finally did, some people that supported him were shocked to find out what percent he paid of his taxes. He paid a 13.9% tax rate to which most Americans pay over 20%. He also was said to have a Swiss bank account and investments that furthered his income that couldn’t be taxed. In my opinion, Romney should have told the truth from the beginning saying he paid a lower tax rate and why he did. Also he should have just released them as soon as people asked to show that he had nothing to hide.
- Erin, James

1.        The Obama campaign has brought up this criticism.

2.        The issue is that Mitt Romney has not released his tax returns to the public. Mitt says that he can’t because of his religion, but his father released somewhere along 12 years of tax returns when he was in office/or running. Romney’s wealth has lead to the question of how much taxes he actually pays to the government and if he is involved with major loopholes to pay.

3.        This is a semi-major issue, it definitely needs to be addressed. Though this issue has become bigger than expected with Mitt still not releasing his tax returns. It seems to me like releasing them would hinder him in the race more than if he just ignores the talk of it and pretends that it isn’t there. Which is a weird thought that it could be that serious and that big of a hindrance he has to keep it to himself. I would personally like to see how much he pays in taxes and to see if he is paying a fair amount.
- Sergio

            It is typical for a presidential candidate to release several years of tax returns. Mitt Romney has refused to release any of his tax returns. This is a major issue because it makes it seem like Mitt Romney has something to hide. It makes this candidate a little less trustworthy. If he has nothing to hid he would release the returns. Some people believe that he has the right to not show his returns. That may be true it is a free country after all. But why would he not want to, since it would be so easy to quell the want for it. It seems to point to the fact that he might be hiding something, like just how much less taxes he pays then the middle class citizens. 
- Stephan, Lindsay, Logan

The Obama campaign put out ads attacking Romney for having an insensitive worldview on taxes. For taxpayers with under $200,000 in income, Romney has called for eliminating capital gains taxes. The attacks have obscured the fact that while Romney thinks lower tax rates on capital gains are fair, the president's plan includes a very modest increase. I think this topic is important to the campaign and the U.S. because taxes are a big deal to Americans at this point.
- Anye

This is a tactic used by Barack Obama towards Mitt Romney. Obama believes Romney should have to show the country his tax returns from previous years. Many say its to show how much money he actually makes, others say it to show how little or big he pays in taxes. Critics think it is an issue because a country should know if their (possibly) future president is lying to them about how much money he actually makes. I think it is an issue for those same reasons. The fact that you are running for president, you shouldn't be afraid to have your life be broadcast for the whole world to see. If you have something to hide, you most likely shouldn't be running in the first place.
- Emily, Dani, Sami

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