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Sunday, October 7, 2012

QOD- Carville & Matalin- Tue Oct 9

QOD- Carville & Matalin- Tue Oct 9

Who is James Carville?

What famous saying did he come up with in 1992 election?

Who is Mary Matalin?

What is unusual about these two??

Student's Response....

James Carville is a political consultant, political commentator, attorney, and media personality, as well as a member of the Democratic party.  In the presidential election of 1992, he came up with the saying, "the economy, stupid" in an attempt to remind Clinton what he should focus on to unseat the incumbent, President Georg H. W. Bush.  The saying, while originally meant for only those involved in running Clinton's campaign, went on to become a sort of slogan for the campaign.  Clinton went on to successfully win the election.

Mary Matalin is a political consultant for the Republican party.  She worked with George H. W. Bush on his 1988 campaign and his 1992 reelection campaign, which he lost.  She is married to James Carville, which is unusual because they are both political consultants-- for opposing parties, and worked against each other in the 1992 presidential election.

- Lila

James Carville is a famous democratic american politican.  He combined three points together in the 92' election to help Bill Clinton win, they were, Change vs. more of the same, don't forget about health care, and the economy, stupid.  Mary Matalin is a american political consultant who is invloved with the Republican party.  The unusual thing about the two is that they are married and on oppisite sides of parties. 
- Nate

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