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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Issue? Mormonism

     Mormanism is just 182 years old and is considered a racist, sexist and homophobe religion, but that's just by stereotype. Lawrence O'Donnell, a democrat, attack Mormanism saying that is was a recist faith and was directing it straight at Romney. Many people are considering this not to be an issue because a person's faith shouldn't effect how others see him. As long as Romney does not use his religion to get him votes, no one should use it against him. Romney doesn't go around advertising his faith claiming it makes him different, so people are going to label him as different. Most democrats believed that Obama would use Romeny's religion as a ways to attack Romney, but to supprise he decided not to. But on the other hand, it is believed that if it wasn't for Romney's faith the democrats would not have put faith and religions into a part of their campaign.
    In my opinion this issue is outragous. This shouldn't even be considered as an issue. Just because Romney believes in certian things does not mean that he is going to make everyone else belive the same things. So what if he attends a different church, it doesn't mean he is the devil, GET OVER IT! His religion has never done anything to harm the United States, so why act like it could be the end of the world if we have a Morman for president.
 - Tori  

             The one political character that brought up the issue on Mormonism was none other than Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is known as a lifelong Mormon himself and has been trying to keep it a secret from the critics. The critics say that Mormonism shouldn’t have a say in any political activities what so ever. Some churches are trying to persuade them into gaining another religion to help with the fact of politics, but to their dismay it’s not working. Critics are still trying to get the Mormons of society to ‘speak out’ about their rituals and religion but Romney dismisses that fact.
                In my reaction, I think that Mormons, such as Romney, should have the chance to speak up only if they want to. I don’t really know a lot of background on the subject but, along with other religions, freedom of speech does play a part in everything. Critics don’t force Catholics to submit to other religions if they don’t want to, so why should Mormons? 
- Lexi, Karisa

They feel that Mormonism is an issue because the religion can affect what decisions a President can make in political office.  Romney is Mormon and this causes a problem for some people. Religion many people feel is a center-point for what a person believes and Mormonism is not a mainstream religion and is not very popular among the general public. Also, Obama feels that Romney’s religious believes will influence his presidential decisions. Being religious, Romney is against abortion and Obama is pro-choice.

I feel that religion is a very important and that God should be brought up into the election.  It will affect his morals and those morals will affect his decisions.  This is actually a main point for me that would affect my decision on me voting for the president.  God is a major part of my life and I think that it should be an issue of what religion the president is.
- Jordan, Paul

1.        The Obama campaign has brought up this criticism.

2.        There has never been a Mormon President before, making Romney, if he’s elected, the first.  People may be concerned that Romney will let his religious beliefs influence his presidency and his policies.  The issue here lies in the fact that one of the main pillars of Mormonism is that the US was divinely inspired and America is blessed.  If the US is a blessed country, who’s to say that it’s answerable to any rules other than its own?

3.        To me, this is not an important issue, but more of a distraction from the important issues.  Most of our past presidents have been members of one church or another, and have not let that hold much sway over how they run the country or their foreign policy.  If we are concerned with Romney’s views on foreign policy, we should look at his foreign policy specifically, not his religion.
- Sergio

Mitt Romney is of the Mormon faith and is being criticized by Obama and his supporters.  Critics do not approve of Romney’s faith because it is not one of the popular religions/faiths of the United States.  Mormons are often stereotyped for having multiple wives and polygamy, which is why people do not like this religion since it goes against the laws of the United States.  However these are all stereotypes, Romney does not practice any of these and most Mormons do not.  I personally do not think that a candidates religion should have to do with his political career and it should be left alone.  Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Catholic archbishop of New York told CBS’s “Face the Nation” that Romney’s membership in a Mormon church is not a reason to oppose him in the election.
- Dani, Emily, Sami

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