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Sunday, October 7, 2012

QOD's- Debate- Fri Oct 12

QOD's- Debate- Fri, Oct 12

What were the results of the debate?

Any effective statements?

Any gaffs?

What impact will it have?

Student's Response...

The results of the vice presedential debate varied; Fox News and CNN both say that Paul Ryan had a better showing than Joe Biden, but MSNBC says that Joe Biden had a better night.  One section of the debate that Joe Biden seemed strong in was over the war in Afghanistan when we accused Ryan of wanting more American troops in Afghanistan.  One part of the debate that Ryan looked strong in was during the discussion over the American economy, he hammered Obama on his failed policies and was strong on the fact that the American people deserve better. During the course of last night's debate, there were no gaffs to my knowledge, neither candidate said anything that could really hurt their image.  I think the undecided voters will definately lean towards Paul Ryan in last night's debate.  Throughout the debate Joe Biden was laughing, interrupting, and pacifing Paul Ryan and was seen as being a disrespectful politician who could not handle criticism.  The citizens who were already democratic are going to vote for Biden and probably did not mind this barbaric behavior, but for the people who were on the fence about this election, I think they will definately prefer Ryan's strong, caring, and patient character which was shown through the debate last night.
- Riley

There was no clear cut winner in the vice-presidential debate, but a few people think Biden won. Ryan had a very effective comment when he said that the Obama administration's foreign policy was "unraveling." There were no gaffes,but Biden might be criticized for his body language. In the beginning of the debate Biden laughed out loud and smirked at some of Ryan's statements. But Ryan was smirking through most of the debate also. Then towards the end Biden became more serious and monotone in his responses. Biden did not look at Ryan that much and looked down many times. The debate could impact the election a great deal, but some voters might have already made up their mind after the first debate.
- Savannah

So far as I have watched half a hour of this and all I can say is "WOW'.  These guys are going at it.  Im not for sure who the winner will be because both these men have making good points and refuse to lose.  They are both getting to the point of the election where they are both interupting each other.  They have literally not even came close to agreeing on one thing.  They are also both being jerks to each other but I have realized Biden is being more rude by his body language and interupting more.  I think the way its looking Paul Ryan may win but you never know due to the intensity of this debate.
- Nate

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