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Sunday, October 7, 2012

QOD's- Livingston- Thu Oct 11

QOD's- Livingston- Thu Oct 11

Who is Jennifer Livingston?

Why was she in the news?

Why was her statement used in some schools?

Student's Response...

Jennifer Livingston is a news anchor for WKBT (a CBS affiliate in La Crosse, Wisconsin) who recieved fan mail-- or rather hate mail -- from a man calling her fat and a bad role model to young girls because of her weight.  Instead of letting his words affect her, she defended herself in a very graceful and mature way, by not stooping to his level and instead explaining that she already knew this and didn't need it pointed out to her, and that he was being a bully.  She went on to discuss that bullying is an issue in our schools today, and that October is National Anti-Bullying month.  Her statement is used in some schools because October is, as pointed out previously, National Anti-Bullying month, and her statement addresses that issue.
- Lila

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