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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Issue? You Didn't Build It Yourself

            In a speech Obama made, he was talking about small businesses. He stated that if you had made s successful business, that you didn't do it alone. This is important, not because it shows What Obama thinks of the entrepreneurs that make this country but because of the way it was taken way out of context and misconstrued in a way that makes Obama look like he thinks that small business owners didn't build anything. What he meant was that smart hardworking people made enterprises not all by themselves but with the help of say a teacher in a public school or roads that the government provided  or even help from someone else. He wasn't saying that they didn't build it, he was saying that we all work together to make these things and that the government along with the helping hand of other people made it possible.  
- Stephan, Lindsay, Logan

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