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Sunday, September 30, 2012

QOD- Debate- Fri Oct 5

QOD- Debate- Fri Oct 5

What is the Democratic spin on the outcome of the debate?

What is the Republican spin on the outcome of the debate?

What seems to be the general consensus among journalists about the debate?

What impact do you think this first debate will have?

Student's Response...

The Republicans would say Romney clearly won the debate.  The Democrats stuggle to  find an explaination as to why Obama fell so flat in the first debate.  Most of the journalist would say that Romney performed better under the pressure of the first debate, Obama seemed off to most critics.  I think that the first debate will effect the polls because since most say Romney "won" then maybe that will give him a boost in the polls & possibly lead to a closer election. 
- Dani

Democrats believe that Obama was not at his best, but feel that Romney was mean and didn't let Obama get a word in. The Republicans declared that Romney had "won" the debate hands down. The Republicans believe Romney had better body language, more concise responses, and was not overly aggressive. Most journalists agree that Romney had beat Obama. I think Romney will definitely get a boost from the debate.
- Savannah

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