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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Current Events- Polls

By Paul, Riley, Mike, Jordan, Nate
Polls are defined as a sampling or collection of opinions on a subject.  Polls are an American tradition, they have helped form America to the remarkable country it is today.  They continue to help us predict our future and gather information.  Polls are a necessity in politics, without them the wonderful world of politics would be lost forever. 

          Often, attempts can be made to use polls to influence rather than to reflect public opinion. Polls can be manipulated to mislead their viewers into thinking the public beliefs may be tilted one way more than another. Furthermore, evidence shows that since polls are believed to be reliable and beneficial, the public could be misled by unreliable surveys.   Likewise, it is hard to say whether or not the public is influenced by the polls.
          One test is provided by the election polls. Opinion surveys are an important influence on the public. The change and difference of opinion during an election campaign should be in the same direction as the polling results. The leading candidate should gain in strength as the campaign proceeds.
          Polls become increasingly popular during America’s Presidential Elections. Many different media sources start to poll the American public about their different opinions. The most popular type of poll varies from time to time, depending on what is happening with current events.
Telephone polls are often conducted during political campaigns to determine public opinion on issues. These polls are conducted by taking random samples of the population and conducting surveys by telephone. The results are tabulated and reported in newspapers and on television, radio and news outlet websites.
One last example is online polls. These polls are posted on websites, and may be open to anyone who visits the website. Other online polls may include a series of questions that qualify or eliminate potential poll takers.
Polls can impact elections in many ways and are instrumental in the voting process.  Whether they positively affect a politicians campaign or negatively influence their campaign, all political figures will agree that polls directly influence the outcome of the election.

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