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Sunday, September 23, 2012

QOD- Government- Thur Sept 27

QOD- Government- Thur Sept 27

Many criticize government for having gotten too big. Government spends a lot of money.

What are the top ten items in terms of government spending in it's yearly budget? And how much does it spend on each item?

Student's Response....

Gross Public Debt- $16,350.9 billion
Total Spending- $3,795.6 billion
Federal Deficit- $1,327 billion
Defense- $902.2 billion
Health Care- $846.1 billion
Pensions- $819.7 billion
Welfare- $451.9 billion
Interest- $224.8 billion
Other Spending- $199.6 billion
Education- $153.1 billion

- Riley

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