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Friday, September 14, 2012

Current Events Reports

There are a series of "Current Events" reports included over the past week. The students had several days to research their topics. Most of the topics are general issues- some with tremendous relation to and impact on the 2012 Election. And some are of a more general nature.

If you scroll down the blog, you will see a listing of the topics with questions the students were asked to address in their reports.

The students were graded on both a presentation to the class and a written report. A copy of each written report is posted. The students were evaluated on several factors, included were:
- How thorough was their report? Does it reflect thoughtful research? Does it add to the knowledge of the class?
- When appropriate to the topic, do they give both a conservative and liberal perspective on the issue or problem?
- Does their information have a high level of accuracy? Would "fact checkers" say the information is accurate and adequately explained?

As you read the reports, you will see some do a better job than others of enlightening us on the perspective of liberals and conservatives on their issue.

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