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Monday, September 24, 2012

Issues or Non-Issues?

Issues or Non-Issues?


Candidates bring up a variety of topics during the campaign. It is often difficult to tell what the meaning of some of these topics:

·         Real issues?

·         Minor issues?

·         Ways of examining character of the candidates?

·         Revealing a candidate’s values?

·          Clever sound bites?

·         Distractions from the real issues?


With each of those 6, do the following:

·         Who has brought this up- critics of Obama or critics of Romney?

·         Explain why critics feel this is significant?

·         Why do you feel this item is either significant or insignificant?



·         Mormonism

·         Birth Certificate

·         Bain Capital

·         $716 million

·         Tax Returns

·         Jeremiah Wright

·         No Afghanistan in Speech

·         Work component in welfare

·         47%

·         “You didn’t build it yourself”

·         Death of Cancer Victim

·         Redistribution


Due Monday, October 1 at 10:00pm. Submit via email to



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