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Sunday, September 23, 2012

QOD- Good & Bad- Fri Sept 28

QOD- Good & Bad- Fri Sept 28

Based on Mr.Hawes look at the history of government programs....

What would be three examples of effective government programs in your mind & why do you consider them effective?

What would be three examples of ineffective government programs in your mind & why do you consider them ineffective?

What is your verdict- government too big or government help needed?

Student's Response....

The basic premise of social security, welfare, and medicare are all good ideas to help out the elderly and the poor.  On the same token, they do not work because the are each flawed in one way or another. American's pay into social security their entire lives and the idea is that the government will give them their money back when they are elderly.  However, now Americans aren't even allowed to touch that money until they are at least 62, and if they die before they get their money back and do not have a spouse, that money goes straight back to the government and all of their earned money is gone.  Instead American's should be able to save their money on their own, without government interference, so that if they die, they can dictate how and where their money is distributed.  The idea of helping out a fellow citizen through welfare is not a bad idea but the system needs to be reformed.  Welfare consists of too many loopholes and some of the time that money is going to people who are "working the system" and not looking for a job, but rather living off of government handouts.  Also, welfare should only supply people with the basic necessities to live, that way people wont make a lifestyle off our tax money and they have a reason to go and find a job. I feel as though people should be able to buy their own healthcare in an open-market system, rather than paying into medicare their entire lives and then receiving government-ran healthcare once they retire.  Also, once people qualify for medicare the government gives them a very basic plan which does not cover much and if people want an upgrade they end up paying even more money.  America was founded on the idea of small government and the only thing the government was originally here for was protection, and the closest America stays to that ideology, the better off the country will be as whole.
- Riley
The New deal, the great society and Reagans era as president were all effective government programs. The New Deal, was all the policies that FDR created which allowed a lot of people to live better and have their rights. The great society contained programs where the poorer people had a chance to live better. Lastly, when Reagan was president he was very conservative and made domestic changes and believed in individual freedoms. Each of these things are were very effective to Americans and still play a role in society.
I think that we need the government to be involved, but how much they are matters. Some people think that the government is too big and controls us too much. I really don't know whether or not the government is too involved in our lives and in the economy or not because I'm inexperienced in the real world.
- Allison

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