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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Knox Trip Assignment

Wednesday, Sept 19 we will be going to Knox College to listen to Owen Muelder who is the founder and head of the Underground RR Center at Knox College. He is going to talk to us about Knox College and Galesburg in the 1800's leading up to the Lincoln-Douglas Debates.

By Monday, Sept 24 at 7:45am, I would like you to submit via email to a report on one of the following:

Option #1- Galesburg & Knox in the 1800's.
What were the values of the early founders of Knox and Galesburg?
How did these values impact life in Galesburg and Knox?

Option #2- Knox & the Debates
Describe how the social and political values of Knox influenced what Lincoln had to say?
Describe the level of "activism" in Galesburg in regards to abolitionism?
How did Galesburg's "activism" play a role in the debates?
What did Lincoln have to say?

Option #3- Debates- Then & Now
What were the Lincoln- Douglas debates like?
What will this year's debates be like?
How will they be different than this year's debates?

Your reports should be 300-400 words or about 1 to 1.5 pages in length.

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