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Saturday, September 8, 2012

QOD- Karl Rove- Wed Sept 12

QOD- Karl Rove- Wed Sept 12

Who is Karl Rove?

What role has he played in government?

What role is he playing in the 2012 Election?

Student Response....

Karl Rove served as a Senior Adivsor to President George W. Bush and was also served as Cheif of Staff.  While at the White House he oversaw many activities in including coordinating the White-House policy-making process.   He has played an active role in the government and made a well-known name for himself.  For the 2012 election he created a Super PAC for Mitt Rommney.  He is the leader of the largest PAC raising over $300 million dollars and is steadily helping the Repbulican campign to convice all voters to vote Romney/Ryan for the next 2012 election.
- Dani

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