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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Campaign Trail

Selection of Paul Ryan as VP candidate
* What is his record and stances?
* Why was he picked?
* It is said he is a pick that made both conservatives and liberals happy- how is this possible?
* What does it mean for the election?
* Is there a particular strategy with this pick?

What do polls show right now?
* What states are viewed by most as toss up states?
* Where does it stand in terms of electoral vote if you eliminate you count the pretty sure states?
* What are the strategies to get these toss up states?
* What groups of people seem to support each candidate?
* Where do women seem to stand?
* Is there a particular strategy to win over certain groups?

I hear about the Democrats and Republicans, what is this Green Party?
* What are some of their issues?
* Who is most similar to the Green Party in beliefs- Democrats or Republicans?
* Generally third parties tend to hurt one part more than the other- do they have the ability to influence the outcome?
* Who are leaders and/or candidates for the Green Party?

Last couple years have heard a lot about the Tea Party, what are they doing in this election?
* What things do they stand for?
* What candidates do they identify with?
* Will they have a significant impact on the election?

What going on with all this negative advertising?
* Is this worse than usual?
* What is the history of negative campaigning?
* What are examples of the worst ads both sides are putting out?

Campaign Finance reform is an issue often brought up?
* How much have each of the candidates raised to date?
* How does this compare to past elections?
* What did the Supreme Court rule about these groups supporting candidates?
* What is the argument for them? Against them?

Issues of Voting
* What is the history of voting restrictions?
* What are the issues with voting in Ohio?
* What are the issues with voting in Pennsylvannia?
* What is being argued by opposing sides in both of these states?
* How do either side benefit from a decision one way or the other?

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