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Thursday, August 23, 2012

QOD- Tampa Bay (Mon Aug 27)

QOD- Monday, August 27....

We are going to be hearing a lot about Tampa Bay this week- why?

Why was Tampa Bay selected?

What may be an unexpected problem with selection of Tampa Bay?

What are plans in case things get bad at Tampa Bay?

Student Response....

This week represents the Republican National convention and the site for the gathering this year is in Tampa Bay, Florida. The convention could have been held at a myriad of places, but this year is it held in the battleground state of Florida. The hot topic in the Sunshine State is Medicare and possibly that is a reason as to why the convention is held in Tampa Bay to win of the majority. Unfortunately, there is a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico that could ruin the fate of the convention. If the storm makes it to Tampa the estimated 50,000 people could be put out of their fun week of politics.  Have no fear, where there is a will, there is a way! If the storm ends up taking the city of Tampa Bay the leaders of the convention always have a plan b, such as if Monday gets ruined everything will get moved to Tuesday. Despite all the bad weather and possible outcomes, the Republican Party has an optimistic outlook on their 2012 presidential nominee.  
- Dani
Tampa Bay has been selected for the Republican National Convention this year.  I think it was selected because Florida is battle ground for voting due to the amount of senior citizen residence that live in Florida.  The Republican committee is smart for having it there because they know the senior citizen vote will help alot.  I can't see much a flaw with selecting Tampa Bay as spot for holding the Republican Convention.  I think Iowa would be another good place to hold it too but Tampa Bay is better.  I know they think it may be dangerous due to the amount of security they have gotten and SWAT armoured vehichles.  And finally I could not find any plans on what they would do if it got bad in Tampa, I have looked everywhere but can't find anything.

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