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Monday, August 20, 2012

QOD- Joe Lieberman

QOD for Thursday, August 23....

Who is Joe Lieberman?

What is unique about his party affiliation?

What role did he play in the 2000 & 2008 Presidential elections?

Why is he in the news this year?

Student comments.....

Joe Lieberman is a senator from Connecticut. He was a member of the Democratic party and the vice president nominee in 2000 for the Democrats. Lieberman is now an independent. He endorsed friend and fellow senator John McCain for President. Rumors have spread he might be a cabinet pick by Romney if elected. Joe also is in the news for saying Senator Reid's comments about Romney not paying taxes was over the line.

Teachers comment....
Lieberman is retiring from the Senate after this term expires in January. He has the distinction having been "vetted" by the Democrats for vice-president in 2000 and also by the Republicans in 2008 as possibe VP candidate.

Chuck Todd interview with Lieberman- talking about career and retirement.

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