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Monday, August 20, 2012

QOD- Todd Akin

QOD- Monday, August 20....

Who is Todd Akin?

Why is he in the national news this week?

Are people over reacting?

What do you predict is going to happen?

Student Response....

      Todd Akin is running for the senate spot in the state of Missouri, but currently he is serving as a U.S. Representative for Missouri's 2nd congressional district.  He is a republican and has being serving ever since 2001.  Akin has recently been in national news because he was asked if he supported women's abortion for those who have been raped and his answer used the phrase "legitimate rape" and  he claimed that the female body has ways to shut that down.  Although he "misspoke" the American citizens are criticizing Akin because of  the comment of course, because abortion is such a controversial subject. 

     All politicians must choose to use their words wisely, yes this is word vomit, but as a politician in the public eye he should know that what he says impacts the whole republican party.  I do predict that this one "misspoken phrase" could have ruined his whole career as a politician.  Not only did this effect him, but as a republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is automatically supporting Todd Akin, and this little problem is certainly not what Romney should be worrying about.
- Dani

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