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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Current Events & Issues

Some events seem to have the ability to help us understand our culture. Some events seem to bring out our need to discuss bigger issues and values. Some key events over the last year--

Shooting in Colorado & Wisconsin
* What happened in these two shootings?
* How are they different?
* Advocates of stronger gun control would argue that what changes would have perhaps prevented these incidents? What changes do they recommend?
* Opponents of gun control would argue stricter gun control would not matter- what is the rationale of their arguement?
* How do Americans feel about gun control?
* What organization is strongly opposed to gun control? What impact do they have politically?

Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare
* What is Obamacare?
* What was being argued in the Supreme Court?
* What did the Court decide?
* Is this a surprising ruling?
* Does it tell us something about the Court?
* What impact will this ruling have?

Penn State scandal
* What is the timeline of this case?
* Who was involved in the coverup?
* How did they cover this up?
* Does this tell us something about sports in America?
* Does this tell us something about child abuse in America?
* How was the case of a Syracuse basketball coach related to this?
* What actions have been taken?
* What potential future actions are there?

Scott Walker wins recall election in Wisconson?
* Who is Scott Walker?
* What is a recall?
* Why was there a recall?
* What were the issues?
* What does the result of this election mean to America?

Supreme Court rules against Arizona immigration bill.
* What was the Arizona immigration bill?
* What was being argued in the Supreme Court?
* Why did the Court rule against it?
* What does this mean?

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