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Thursday, August 23, 2012

QOD- Platform (Tues Aug 28)

QOD- Tuesday, August 28....

What in the world is a platform?

What is a plank?

Any controversy with any planks in the Republican platform?

Will Romney have to agree with the platform?

Student Responses....

Platforms are a series of core beliefs.  Some examples of platforms are, pro-life/pro choice, rights to work, immigration, less regulation.  They are a bunch of main topics which are core beliefs of the party.  A plank is any one of the multiple stated topics or principles comprising a political platform during a election.  They have decided to not use military as a plank but will enforce the defense of marriage act and armed forces.  Mitt Romney has platfroms such a him being pro-life, being against capitol punishment, and wants to be independent from foreign oil and find alternative sources of fuel.  There are many more of his platforms.
- Nate
Teachers note-
The candidate does not have to align with the party platform. Convervatives or liberals may get a plank in the party platform which is "too extreme" for the candidate.

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