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Thursday, August 23, 2012

QOD- Voting- (Thu Aug 30)

QOD- Thursday, August 30.....

What is all the controversy about voting in Ohio and Pennsylvania?

What is the disagreement about?

Do either Romney or Obama really think it matters in either state? Why?

Is this going on in any other states?

Student's Response....

There are many voting issues occurring in the news recently. For example, in Pennsylvania there is alot of controversy about the  voter identification law because civil rights groups feel its unfair to legitimate Pennsylvania citizens. Also, in Ohio the early voter rule was changed so there was no extra early hours for citizens to vote. Which caused the Ohio democratic party to sue for the full early voting hours. President Obama and Romney feel that the outcome of these disagreements would effect their votes because of the fact that both states are swing states. There are 10 other states, besides Pennsylvania, to pass voter identification laws.

Teacher's Response...
The major questions in all of these states is whether changing voting laws is a good way to eliminate voter fraud and produce a fair election, or if the voting changes are a subtle way to try to gain some political advantage for one party or the other party by limiting voting.

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