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Monday, August 20, 2012

QOD- Melkey Cabrera

QOD- Friday, August 24....

Who is Melkey Cabrera?

Why is he in the news?

Should MLB do anything to punish the Giants?

Should MLB look back at the All-Star game?

Student Response...

Melky Cabrera was born in the Dominican Republic and is currently playing professional baseball for the San Francisco Giants.  Cabrera tested positive for high levels of testosterone and was quoted saying that he 'took a substance he should not have used'.  The MLB should not do anything to punish the Giants organization, the ballclub already suspended Cabrera for fifty games, so they have taken charge of the matter.  The MLB should not look back on the All-Star game, it took an entire team to win that game and the other players should not be punished for Cabrera's selfish decision to take performance enhancing drugs.
- Riley
Teacher Response...
Readers should be aware Riley is a Chicago Cub's fan. I am not sure a Cub fan is qualified to discuss issues related to major league baseball.
A concern for some people is whether the Giants were aware of the impending suspension while other teams were not aware- and the Giants with their knowledge were able to make player deals before the trade deadline. Had the other teams known about the impending loss of Cabrera, they might have changed possible deals.
A tough thing in sports is when a team is punished for actions of an individual....
- In track a relay runner goes out of the lane and the entire team is disqualified.
- A basketball player is found to have been ineligible by the IHSA and their team has to forfeit the previous games.
It is interesting as this week Lance Armstrong has chosen not to fight accusations of positive drug test results.

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