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Friday, August 31, 2012

QOD- Pinocchio- (Tue, Sept 4)

QOD- Pinocchio- (Tue, Sept 4)...

What is this Washington Post pinocchio thing?

What are examples of things in the Presidential race they have rated?

Student's Response....

The Pinocchio thing that the Washington Post is using is used to describe how many lies canidates are using.  Just like Pinocchio's nose grew every time he lied the Pinocchio rating goes up every time they think a canidate has lied.  As it stands right now as im looking Michele Bachman has the highest Pinocchio rating which is a 3.08 out of 5.  Mitt Romney has a 2.06 while Barack Obama has a 1.91 rating which is much of a difference.  They are using the Pinocchio rating on a bunch of speeches that canidates are using.  The whole Pinocchio thing just lets people know if the canidates are streching the truth a little bit in their opinion.
- Nathan

Teacher's Response...
This is a "fact checking" method used by the Washington Post. While they do give each politician a running score for their overall honesty, they look at statements and claims of each candidate. They will give it a check for being honest and valid, or 1-5 Pinocchio's. The more Pinocchio's given, the less valid or honest the statement.

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