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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Field Trip to Galesburg

Our class in front of the George Washington Gale House.
Today we took a tour of Galesburg. We started at the Gale House on the corner of Cherry St. and North St. On our tour we talked about the search for a utopia and the values the leaders of Galesburg wanted to form our community around. Our discussion centered around the following topics---

1- The strength of the values of our founders, and the sacrifices they were willing to make in the name of their values. Which led to the question- do our leaders in America have core beliefs and values at the foundation of their decisions?

2- We discussed how diversity can lead to conflict. Do our politicians in America today have the ability to compromise to make things work? Are there issues on which they should not compromise?

3- Money can sometimes interfere with values. How does money and the economy impact our decisions today?

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