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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

QOD- Speeches (Fri Aug 31)

What was the theme of Mitt Romey's convention speech?

What did critics and supporters have to say about his speech?

What do you think?

Student's Response....

The theme of Mitt Romney's speech was to refer to the background of America and related it back to now.  He kept referring to four years ago and how everyone was so excited to have change in the United States.  In his opinion nothing but problems have occurred since the election of President Obama.  He talked about his family, life growing up and also referred to immigration somewhat.  The critics thought the speech was not a monumental speech, but it was still moving.  They said that they could tell Romney was the one who wrote most of it, because you could hear his voice speaking throughout the speech. The critics that I listened to said he needed to include the issues that are problems in the USA.  All in all i felt as if they had a positive outlook on the speech.  (I also haven't listened to more than three critics)  I felt as if it was a very well thought out speech.  He had an angle and kept with it while speaking.  He spoke well to the crowd, and I liked how he included his childhood in the speech, but also I do agree that he could have included what he would do if he was elected to the presidency about the "hot issues." 
- Dani

Teacher's Response...

I think Dani's response shows she was open minded enough to listen to supporters and critics of Romney. An important part of education is the willingness to listen to different points of view.

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